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Sovereign Collection


The Sovereign Collection

First impressions count. Your front door is the first feature people notice about your home; that is why it is so important. Your door makes a statement; it reflects your home’s personality, your lifestyle and your aspirations. This is why we introduced a high-quality, flush-fitting composite door that meets the exacting demands of today’s discerning homeowner. Designed with you in mind, our Sovereign Collection is one of the most comprehensive ranges of composite doors on the market.


Sovereign Door Styles    


The Sovereign range of doors provides you with a comprehensive choice of 15 styles, in various glass and colour choices.

Choose from 14 standard attractive colours, including beautiful woodgrain finishes that look like traditional wooden doors, but don’t require the maintenance associated with timber. Or if you prefer, bespoke shades can also be supplied on request.

Today’s composite doors are the perfect stylish, secure and low-maintenance choice; combining superb aesthetics with unrivalled, long-life performance. With superior weather-tightness, secure locking systems and greater thermal efficiency, your home is fully protected with a modern composite door.

Cumbria Derbyshire Essex Gloucestershire Stirling 






Surrey Durham Hampshire Dorset Kent 






Cheshire Suffolk Glamorgan Bedfordshire Stable Door 





Stable Door

Benefits of a Flush Composite Door   

Durable and attractive, composite doors are made to last. They are the future for entrance doors. All Sovereign Collection composite doors are manufactured to the highest standards at our dedicated production facilities using top quality materials. Our composite doors are produced using robust through-colour GRP door skins. Completely weatherproof, they have excellent resistance to knocks, scratches and whatever the weather throws at them.

Unlike other doors, they don’t twist, warp or split. All door designs meet the latest energy efficiency regulations, achieving a U-value of 1.4W/m²K or below. Their thermally-efficient foam cores help to reduce energy bills and keep out noise. Composite doors are low maintenance with no need to paint or varnish; an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth will keep your smart new front door looking as good as new. High security comes as standard, meeting all the requirements demanded from a 21st century entrance door to keep you and your home safe.


Safe and Secure


Safety and security are uppermost in everyone’s mind. 67% of burglars break in through the door, according to Home Office official crime statistics. That’s why our Sovereign Collection composite doors use only the best quality multi-point locking systems to keep your home and family fully protected.Our doors are installed within a reinforced door frame and secured with a multi-point lock with two hooks, two finger bolts and a deadbolt. Premium adjustable hinges and keeps meet the latest standards and legislation.

Feel reassured with a Sovereign Collection composite door, which is manufactured in accordance with Secured by Design, a Police-backed accreditation. Secured by Design is the official UK police approval for security products that ensures they are designed, manufactured and tested within strict rigid guidelines. Sovereign Collection SBD-licensed doors are available as either solid or a limited glazed version, all glass must be laminated to achieve SBD status. When a door is fitted with an external bar handle, the standard escutcheon (as shown below) is supplied.


Fire Doors


The Sovereign Range of Composite doors are also available as a 30 minute Rated Fire door. This is restricted to a limited number of door and sidelight styles. The door has been tested using the principles of BS 476: Part 22:1987 and has an Assessment Report, No 187254. The link below shows the Fire Door Report.


Choice and styles to suit any application


The Sovereign Collection of Doors is available in a myriad of designs, from stable doors, double doors, side panel options and our door-and-a-half, the Sovereign Collection with its comprehensive range of colours and glass designs will compliment your product offering and provide consumers with an unbeatable range of products to suit any home.

Stable Door

Stable Door

Our Stable door offers you the best of both worlds - a window and a door in one. Opening the top keeps children and pets safe and secure, while allowing fresh air into your home. High security locks and an effective weather-seal ensure it performs just as well as a standard single door. The lower half also accepts cat and dog flaps making the stable door truly versatile to suit any application and need.

The Door and a Half

The Door-and-a-half

Our Door-and-a-half is literally just that - a composite door plus matching HINGED side panel. This can be opened to allow wider access, for example when moving large items of furniture when required. The rest of the time it looks like a style door and matching side panel.

The Twin Door

The Twin Door

Where wide access is required, you can double your options - literally, with the Sovereign Collection Twin Door Range. Available in six of our most popular styles, the Twin Door combines practicality with cutting-edge style and security. Great for porches, the Twin Door is also suitable for French Door applications to suit all types of home.

Door Combinations

Door Combinations

Complement your entrance door with matching side panels. perfect for wider apertures, there are a number of possible combinations from our Suffolk, Essex, Surrey and Hertfordshire ranges. Where space allows, side panels enhance darker interiors by increasing light levels and present a smart and co-ordinated appearance to the outside world.


Sovereign Collection Door Features